Tree Trimming Serices for Miami, Broward and Palm Beach
Pre-hurricane season Palm frond pruning

Broward Tree Trimming Service
Palm Tree Pruning & Tree Removal

Luigi's Landscaping offers our professional Tree Trimming & Removal Services to Broward Residents.

Trees require trimming & pruning to remove dead branches and to prevent growth into other trees. It's always best to do this before hurricane season to allow the trees a chance to weather the powerful winds of a storm.

Since there is some risk due to the height of the trees, it is a better idea to leave the job to a seasoned tree trimming professional. We have the proper equipment and experience to safely trim you trees. Your trees will be pruned correctly and according to established tree trimming guidelines that follow ANSI 300 standard practices.

Regularly scheduled tree trimming will improve a tree's health, control growth, and enhance the overall appearance.

It takes a special skill and training to properly trim trees for South Florida.

When it becomes necessary to remove a tree, Luigi's is ready to handle the task. Luigi's Landscaping Company is a Florida Licensed & Insured company. We can do the job safely, neatly, and cost effectively. All trees are removed in a professional, well thought out manner for both your safety and ours.

  • Trim all size trees
  • Remove all debris
  • Licensed and Insured
  • Tree Service Experts
  • Hardwood & Fruit trees
  • Palm Tree Pruning
  • Coconut Tree Trimming
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Corrective branch pruning
  • Dangerous limb removal
  • Canopy reduction
  • Branch Pruning
  • Tree trimmings removal
  • Stump grinding