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Lawn Maintenance

Lawn & Landscape Maintenance

Luigi's Landscaping offers dependable lawn care services. Experienced, insured, and professional our lawn crews are comprised of individuals whose first priority is the customer’s satisfaction. We cater to privacy needs as well as customer convenience. We offer competitive rates for superior service.

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Tree & Palm Pruning & Removal

Tree & Palm Pruning & Removal

Trees often need to be pruned in order to remove dead branches and to prevent growth into other trees. Often times this needs to be done well above ground level. Rather than risk personal injury, it is a better idea to leave the job for us. We will insure that the tree is pruned correctly.

Sometimes trimming or pruning a tree isn’t just enough, and it is necessary for the tree to be removed. This is no easy task, and if you hire an unlicensed company you are liable for any damage that they cause to your lawn or themselves. We can do quick, clean, and price-efficient tree removals.

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Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding

When a large tree or a palm is cut down, it's stump has to be grinded out.

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Fertilization Programs

Fertilization Programs

Your lawn and plants need approximately 14 to 16 different elements to survive. Most of these are already in the lawn from the soil and natural surroundings. However, three primary elements - nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium - need to be added to your lawn in the form of fertilizer in order for it to look and be healthy. Instead of worrying about the details, simply allow us to take care of properly fertilizing your yard.
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Computer Aided Design & Landscape Design Installation

Landscape Design & Installation

Our designs will be crafted using the latest technology. Minimizing almost all human error, and providing an actual preview for the customer to see before the installation actually begins. This allows us to tweak the plans until the customer is completely satisfied.

We are happy to take a look at your outdoor space and devise a design that not only looks beautiful, but is healthy and affordable. After coming up with a design that pleases you, we can also install it. Rather than trying to do it yourself, allow us to take the weight off your shoulders. We’ll take care of not only your lawn, but also you, the customer.

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24hr emergency hurricane clean-ups

24 Hour Emergency Hurricane Clean-ups

We provide 24 Hour Emergency Clean-up Services for hurricane related disasters.

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